We highly recommend the B2B program that our 19 year-old son attended.  We feel like it’s been effective for several reasons. First, the length of the program gave our son a chance to live clean and without electronics for a six-month period. He made connections with other clients and also with mentors that went through what he did and are now in leadership roles at B2B. The great number of individual and group therapy sessions, plus AA meetings, has helped our son begin to internalize the core behaviors and skills needed to move forward with his life.

Another tenet of the program is adventure therapy. Our son made several trips with experienced therapeutic wilderness guides to some of the most amazing places in the US. He has hiked, worked and camped weekly in places like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, the Red Rocks of southern Utah, and Joshua Tree. These trips have taught him wilderness skills and he has experienced the healing components of being out in nature.

B2B has been an excellent fit for our son, with the right combination of adventure outdoors activities and residential living and therapy.

The schedule was rigorous, and regimented, teaching our son the value of a disciplined approach to living.  While he didn’t love it all the time, he has responded incredibly well to the challenge.  He is more communicative and introspective, he is also beginning to understand how his actions, past and present affect his family and everyone around him.  We are looking forward to his next transition and are hopeful that he has a solid footing for leading a productive and fulfilling life of sobriety.

We thank Roy and Camille as well as the residential staff who have provided caring support for our son’s journey.

Parent Testimonial  – Mr. and Mrs. S.