Most people will tell you that they are not afraid of anything, but for me, fear was the main thing standing in my way. I was afraid that a program, or B2B, wouldn’t help my problems and that they were unsolvable. I’ve found these fears to be present no matter where I am, but at B2B I am actively working on the solution.

B2B is worthwhile because life is worth living. I can see that again for the first time in a longtime now that I am working on myself with others. It took surrendering to this program and God to get to this point of gratitude. I like the physical element of getting back in shape and living a healthy lifestyle. The therapy is an unexpected positive portion for me as well. I have never worked generally in group or individual therapy, and I find it helpful in my daily reflections of my purpose in life. The bonds that I am forming are closer than most of my existing friendships. The connection we all share and the moral support from the fellowship is powerful. Living amends are actually returning me to sanity and saving my life.

I would tell my loved ones that B2B has given me more hope for the future. It has shown me the power I hold in my recovery though a proactive approach rather than being passive and hoping for a different result. B2B has given me self-confidence and shown me I can overcome physical and mental challenges. I would thank Roy for his assertiveness in helping me enroll in the program. The therapist for their openness and genuine desire to help me overcome internal challenges. I’d thank the day to day staff for their discipline, holding me accountable, and mutual support. And last but not least my new brothers for being there by my side during the ups and downs.

Client Testimonial