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Post-rehab programs are a very useful alternative to maintaining lasting sobriety. Keep in mind that most inpatient rehabs take place in contained and safe environments. So it is essential to reinforce the tools acquired in treatment, and prepare graduates for a new life in sobriety.

If you attend Back 2 Basics, the top wilderness therapy for addiction treatment, you can choose our top complementary treatment, Beyond the Basics. It is essential that you know about our program, so you can see how it can help you after your rehab.

What is the Beyond the Basics Program?

This is an optional add-on program that you can take after you graduate from our adventure treatment for addiction in Back to Basics. The objective of the program is to help clients prepare for real-life by reinforcing their learning and experiences. It lasts 6 months, and can only be taken by graduates of our wilderness therapy rehab for men. Beyond de Basics helps our students gradually transition from life in rehab to their normal activities, through 12-step work, and a deeper understanding and practice of life.

Empowering Our Graduates

One of the goals of Beyond the Basics is for our clients to begin to take real control of their lives. That’s why, for example, we don’t “sell” or “push” our clients to take the program. After our wilderness and adventure drug rehabs, it is up to the clients themselves to express the desire and make the decision to do this complementary therapy.

Also, at Beyond the Basics we encourage our clients to make decisions and take responsibility. That is why in these 6 months they are the ones who must take charge of their different responsibilities, such as their meetings, therapies, and sponsoring. They must also have a high sense of discipline and fulfillment of the different responsibilities they have within the campus.

How Does the Program Work?

Beyond de Basics is run on a separate campus from the base Back to Basics program, with separate activities and separate daily life. However, some activities are shared between the two programs, including weekly meetings and dinners. At these meetings, graduates have the opportunity to share their experience with the students, as well as see their progress. Like Back 2 Basics, the program has 3 essential pillars:

  1. Therapeutic Counseling: therapies are the key for the client to strengthen his recovery and embark on the path to real life.
  2. Group Trips: maintaining the spirit of adventure, with fun and challenging activities.
  3. Addiction Treatment: restrictions are reduced, allowing clients to be responsible for themselves.

The Work of the Coaches

During the 6 months, clients work actively with the coaches. On the one hand, they reinforce their work with the 12 steps, remembering that the program includes lifelong steps (such as the daily inventory), and the therapies are directed towards the development of a sober life, away from the old threats that led the client to the use of drugs or alcohol. This allows them to maintain a life of self-sustaining and lasting sobriety upon graduation.

Trust the Best

If you are looking for excellent Santa Barbara sober living through one of the top adventure drug and alcohol rehab programs, you are in the right place. Beyond the Basics is the ideal choice to set you up for a full and happy life once you complete our extraordinary Back 2 Basics program. Call us and learn more about our treatment program.

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