Back2Basics is an amazing and powerful program that truly makes a difference. The program is multifaceted utilizing a variety of effective methods and approaches to help the young men in the program move toward growth, self esteem, awareness, self discovery, and replacing old patterns and self beliefs with more accurate, positive and healthy ones. Over the last 3 decades I have had the experience of working in the mental health field in a variety of roles and settings starting as a tech in a detox center in 1982. I have since worked in psychiatric hospitals, a mental health center, a group home for adolescents, a residential substance abuse center, a family and youth counseling agency and currently am a psychotherapist in private practice. I believe Back2Basics is the top outdoor adventure therapy program for substance abuse available. The following are some of my thoughts and observations about Back2Basics in no particular order:

—The program integrates proven and cutting edge techniques and modalities of therapy that build on and enhance each other.

—Therapies and activities include: Weekly individual psychotherapy with highly talented and experienced psychotherapists. Regular group therapy sessions, weekly 2 to 3 day long world class outdoor adventures and wilderness experiences that are often life transforming. The guys experience achieving accomplishments they had not previously imagined doing, like a challenging hike through the Grand Canyon, etc.

—The guys are also introduced to yoga, art therapy, meditation, culinary arts, and gardening.

—Many of the remarkable staff have been residents themselves and truly get it and are deeply dedicated to helping those who are where they once were.

—The food is home cooked in the kitchen of the home by the wonderful Kathy who also passes on culinary skills and the importance of healthy eating to the guys who can often chip in at preparing nutritious meals. There is even a friendly cook off completion between two groups of guys in the house and the “winners” are taken out the the finest restaurant in Flagstaff to celebrate.

—The home is in a nice safe regular subdivision in flagstaff.

—Flagstaff is centrally located so there are dozens of places places the guys can explore including but not limited to: The Grand Canyon, Moab, Sedona, Joshua Tree, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell, The Colorado River and many more place where the guys hike, camp, paddle, swim and test their limits. The founder Roy has been doing this for years and knows where the best places are.

—Roy DuPrez founded Back2Basics to help others. Roy has been through what many of these young men are going through and he’s successfully come out on the other side and developed a comprehensive program to give the guys the tools and experiences to help them succeed.

—The guys attend regular AA/NA meeting both in house and out in the flagstaff community. There are also candlelight or campfire AA meetings under the stars when the guys are out camping.

—Dedicated staff who care and who know that addiction is a matter of life or death.

—Flagstaff has a remarkable Gym which Back2Basics has a membership for the guys and they go there regularly to workout and play racquetball, basketball, etc.

I believe that the combination of the psychotherapy, challenging adventure therapy, AA/NA, physical exercise and nutrition all come together to give to guys the best opportunity to maintain sobriety and live a happy, healthy and productive life.

Michael N
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