Part 2 of A Mother’s Journey


So when our older son ended up in the hospital again, we immediately thought about sending him to B2B. He has struggled with his addiction for a decade. He’d been to an i.o.p, and several in patient facilities, and although he has had some periods of sobriety, he relapsed. He’s also been in the i.c.u and hospitalized twice. His brother was the first to suggest it, and after talking with Roy DuPrez (CEO and Founder of Back2Basics) and deciding that since our younger son was finished with the first phase and that the brothers wouldn’t be living together, it would be okay. He was reluctant too, he didn’t think he needed a year, he knew all about treatment and he definitely wasn’t the outdoor type, and did he have to do all the trips? etc., etc. Roy and his father and I promised all sorts of compromises to get him there and he went. He was hooked after his first trip. So again we were hearing about amazing trips, hard but wonderful, lots of blisters and a bout of sunburn which he got through his socks, but he wouldn’t miss it. And great pictures of our boy beaming surrounded by the most beautiful scenery.

Grand Canyon TrustBack2Basics had the opportunity to assist The Grand Canyon Conservatory Trust on one of their projects while our son was there. This was apparently the most amazing chance to work on a truly important project. It sounded grueling and exhausting; many hours drive, endless hikes and days of clearing out invasive, damaging plant growth. Our son went on and on with how hard it all was, but in the next breath how great he felt to be making a difference. He was so proud retelling how the staff was so appreciative and amazed at how much they accomplished (actual plants pulled were in the thousands) By then he’d been to the Grand Canyon a few times and on some level this was personal, taking care of his own back yard. Again, his Dad and I could see our son felt like a contributing and capable human being. Next month he will have the opportunity to take the Wilderness First Responder Course through Back2basics. He is committed to staying at B2B for the whole year and settling in Flagstaff after. He’s talking about going back to school to become a counselor. He is now five months sober.

As far as an outdoor therapy program, I can’t imagine there is a better one than Back 2 Basics. The men are well outfitted and prepared for whatever they may encounter. In the year our sons have been there, we’ve only heard wonderful reports from them about the trips and they love the staff. They’ve been to incredible places, accompanied by well qualified and prepared people. They’ve been challenging but not insurmountable. Kelly McGrath, the Outdoor Director goes beyond in planning the most amazing trips, fully utilizing all that is available near and not too far from Flagstaff. It is often exclaimed in our house after reading/viewing the trip letters, “We want to go too”!

Feel free to call me if you have any questions about out experience with Back2Basics.

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