My sister’s best friend just buried her son who was struggling with addiction.  He was 30 years old and had struggled for years after being prescribed an opioid after an accident when he was in his early 20’s.

I heard her struggles with her son and it was heartbreaking as I knew what she was going through because I had dealt with a similar anguish when watching my own son struggle with addiction.

I searched for answers on the internet. I came across a website that ranked the top 100 rehab facilities in the country.  Back2Basics was one of those ranked on this website.  It even had the cost of the program right on the site with a direct link to their web page.  It was intriguing.  My son had already participated in one rehab stint locally for 30 days that did not help.  I kept going back to the Back2Basics website for months while my son continued to struggle.  Finally, my son hit rock bottom and I pounced.  I reached out to Roy at Back2Basics (who called me back within 24 hours of my initial email). I sent in the paperwork on my son and within one week I was checking him into this program in May, 2017.

My son completed the Back2Basics 6 month rehab and then the 6 month transition program in May 2018.  He celebrated two years of sobriety this May.  This program has the checks and balances needed to ensure a safe environment for obtaining sobriety.  They do drug testing on a regular basis, they attend regular AA meetings, they attend group and individual therapy, they volunteer in the community, they do weekly outdoor activities. While I understand the cost can be prohibitive, in my mind, we were either going to spend this money on the front end and hopefully get him the help he needed to succeed in life or we were going to spend it on the back end with lawyers, court costs, and possibly a life lost and with that the anguish that comes along with trying to move forward with your life after losing a child. I am grateful to Back2Basics and the numerous people who cared for my son very genuinely for the year he was in their care.