Every week there is a new Outdoor Adventure therapy trip for the Back2Basics residents and crew. Outdoor adventure recovery and therapy is key to the B2B’s program for learning how to live life sober. You get the opportunity to learn new hiking skills, enjoy the outdoors, share in group discussion and most importantly… learn about yourself and learn that you can do it.

This week was no exception, as we took on the beautiful Superstition Mountains for our latest adventure therapy. The Superstition Mountains are duly named from the legend of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. It is said that a German immigrant discovered a ‘mother lode’ gold mine (meaning primary vein) in the Superstition wilderness. Legend has it though that though that no one has ever found it and it still exists to this day. Although those that seek to try to find it are struck by some kind of ill-fate to keep them from it.

Whether there is really gold in the Superstitions or not, there is gold in the beauty and in the experience for each one of us.

Here are some photos from our adventure as we hike through the beautiful majestic and beautiful wilderness and set up camp. The scenery of the Superstitions is just breathtaking and it is the perfect place to be at peace.

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