On this outdoor trip/adventure, I learned a great deal about myself. I had one of the best days since I’ve been here and couldn’t point to exactly why. I had a tough day the following day and I felt frustrated. I realized the role that my attitude and mindset play into how I respond to life challenges. When I try to do everything at once I feel overwhelmed and unsatisfied. Alternatively, when I stay in the present moment and put my energy into making each moment count I feel a contentment and satisfaction.

I have been various learning tools at B2B during therapeutic counseling sessions and at AA meetings that have helped me with this principle. If I am able to control and discipline my attitude, then I am able to put a positive spin on every action I make. Each day is an opportunity to grow and develop this way of life in sobriety. I am grateful to be able to share this experience and am proof that mental growth is possible with the right focus.

Client Journal by Scott