My life before Back2Basics was a tragedy. I arrived broken, demoralized, and in serious legal trouble. I had spent 10 years of my life using and drinking to a point where I sincerely hoped I wouldn’t wake up and face the next day. I had destroyed my parents trust in me, and I felt more alone than ever.

I was picked up by Back2Basics from jail and facing serious felony charges. The staff welcomed me with open arms and assurances that everything will be okay. For the next 6 months I would attend 12 step meetings, work with an AA sponsor and engage in therapy. In my therapy sessions we addressed everything from childhood traumas, the reasons I started and continued to use and drink alcohol and ways to improve myself. The boys of my class always treated me with respect and dignity, and they also challenged me to be better and to do more for my recovery. The most amazing aspect of this program were the weekend camping trips. Being in the outdoors has a therapeutic effect that simply cannot match anything I have ever experienced. The connections I have made thus far are, and I believe always will be, the most meaningful relationships one could ask for.

The staff at Back2Basics has also helped me tremendously with my legal case, through character references, counseling, and so much more. I am currently in transition awaiting settlement court but I can confidently say that Back2Basics has done everything they could to help me with my case.

I am currently in transition awaiting court, but I feel prepared for whatever comes. And that is all because of Back2Basics. I am so grateful for what this program has done for me. I have my family back, my happiness back, and most importantly, I have hope.