The family therapy aspect of Back 2 Basics has been one of the most daunting yet relieving parts of my stay here. Like most addicts I have spent the last several years creating a rift between myself and my family. Repairing these relationships will be a lifeline process, but we clients at B2B get to start now. For my first family weekend only my parents came. The most painful part was telling them my story; it became apparent that I had kept them almost completely in the dark. Not much headway was made during their visit, but it was at least a start. The second family weekend was much more productive, but also much more exhausti9ng. I was blessed to see my little sister after 7 months but hearing how she had been impacted was devastating. During this visit, it became apparent that not only did I have more work to do, but so did my parents and sister.

The farewells were heartbreaking, but as they left, I felt a newfound sense of peace. In my heart I knew that progress had been made and that our relationships would be stronger moving forward. I owe this to the family weekend process.

Client Journal by Tyler N