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Drug or alcohol addiction is a severe condition that significantly affects people. By becoming dependent on substances, the individual compromises their physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual integrity. If this condition is not treated in time, it can even be fatal.

Once the person admits the addiction condition, it is essential to look for specialized help in a top Monterey drug rehab. Among the different alternatives in the region, the best option is a top wilderness therapy for addiction treatment, like the one we offer at Back 2 Basics. You should learn more about this alternative so that you know why it is the best option for your recovery.

What are Wilderness and Adventure Drug Rehabs?

This is a type of highly effective experiential therapy developed in 1960. It involves a series of outdoor activities that expose participants to different feelings, attitudes, and beliefs that are usually below their level of awareness. These stimuli allow for greater self-knowledge and the strengthening of the individual physically and psychologically. When these experiences are coupled with traditional therapy and counseling techniques, people can overcome chronic conditions such as drug or alcohol addiction.

How Do Adventure Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs Work?

This form of psychotherapy allows people to grow emotionally with a more practical approach than traditional methods. In addition to individual and group therapy, they include a variety of outdoor activities. Each activity has a therapeutic objective, and the participant learns from their experience of the activity. At the end of each activity, the therapeutic team debriefs with the group to evaluate what has been learned and to encourage individual and team growth.

Adventure treatment for addiction includes activities such as kayaking, surfing, camping, and hiking. Each pursues a goal, such as strengthening self-esteem, learning teamwork, problem-solving or critical thinking. This allows a personal rediscovery, which helps the person to get rid of the negative habits that led to consumption. Besides, they will be able to develop healthy habits that will help them live lasting sobriety.

Types of Wilderness Therapy Rehab for Men

There are different adventure rehab centers, in the United States, that use different varieties of activities for their participants. All of them are performed by highly trained personnel, who keep the clients safe while challenging themselves with the recovery program. These are three of the most common:

  1. High Adventure Activities: include activities such as rock climbing, hiking, zip-lining, sports, and ropes activities. Not only do people become mentally stronger, but they also acquire habits of healthy practices and sports.
  2. Expeditions: they can be expeditions of survival, exploration, or contact with nature. They are group-based and help people to help each other through different challenges and learn to overcome difficulties.
  3. Pursuit Activities: these outdoor therapies allow the development of aspects such as leadership and cooperation. They improve interpersonal relationships and cooperative work.

Trust the Experts

If you are looking for the leading Monterey drug rehab, you are in the right place. Back 2 Basics offers the best outdoor and adventure therapy for overcoming drugs and alcohol. If you are male of 18-30 years old, this is the ideal option for you to live a sober, healthy, and happy life. Call us and learn more about our treatment program.

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