Long Term Addiction Treatment Programs

Long Term Addiction Treatment Programs

Being addicted to substances for a long time has long-lasting effects on the patient. This is why there is a process for patients to follow to be fully rehabilitated. Another thing that people fail to note is that everyone’s treatment plan varies and will require choice based on how it affects the patients. One of such treatments for long-term addiction is called Wilderness therapy and this is often considered when a patient has suffered years of substance abuse and would require a delicate healing process to be rehabilitated.

Let’s look at Wilderness therapy and why it’s important for patients.

Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy is also known as Adventure treatment for patients is a rehab approach that focuses on the natural healing methods for patients through outdoor programs such as camping, hiking, snowboarding, surfing, and many others. This helps the patients in developing psychological and physical strength to attain full sobriety. The wilderness therapy for addiction treatment also involves additional therapy and counseling to improve the state of the patients involved. Here are a few reasons why Wilderness therapy is good.

  • It’s Based on Family: Wilderness therapy involves a lot of family-focused programs and enables the family of the patients to be involved in their healing process. This can be effective if the entire family of the recovering patient can be involved in his/her growth. This builds enough sense of security required for rehabilitation to occur.
  • Isolation from Everyday Life: A recovering patient that is undergoing Adventure drug and alcohol rehab programs will be isolated from worrying about his normal life and focused on personal leisure activities that they are comfortable in doing. This enables them to reflect on their poor life choices and work to live a better and healthier one.
  • Expert Staffs are Involved: Wilderness and adventure drug rehabs employ some of the most passionate and compassionate staff that can relate and care for the patients. This makes the process very much enjoyable and leads the patients to many more steps to recovery. The therapists are very experienced and willing to help.
  • The Programs are Clinically Intensive: Although Wilderness therapy for men and women comes with adventure, they still engage the patients with clinical treatments that will aid them in battling addiction to abused substances. Psychiatrists and therapists are part of the program and monitor the patients as well.
  • The Adventures are Fun: Wilderness therapy patients have some of the best fun of their lives while engaging in therapy. This makes this program one of the most effective in getting patients rehabilitated and ready to face life post-recovery. This can be a boost for them to live healthier lives.

Do you need Wilderness Adventure for you or your loved ones?

Are you or anyone you know struggling with substance use disorder? Does it appear as though none of the available interventions is working? It would be best if you tried Back 2 Basic’s wilderness therapy before giving up. Call or text (928) 223-4872 to learn more about our program and we’ll be glad to attend to your questions.

Long Term Addiction Treatment Programs

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