Dear B2B Families,

This weekend’s trip was truly something special, combining great hikes and lake visits filled with Spikeball and swimming. These are memories that the guys and I will surely cherish for the rest of our days. It was a vivid reminder of what this program is all about: enchanting wilderness therapy and camaraderie formed through heart-stirring journeys that we are all fortunate enough to embark on. The road we are on may be rocky at times, but that just makes the good times that much sweeter. Thank you all for your support! It is my pleasure to inform you that we are giving it our all to make the most out of the limited time we have together.

Day 1: We arrived at our campsite in the Superstition Mountains around dusk and enjoyed the sunset along with the outline of Phoenix’s neon lights. Our Tex-Mex dinner was a hit. We spent hours telling stories and laughing around the bonfire. I truly cherish moments like these with this great group of guys in Residential. Most of the guys went to bed around 9 PM, resting up for the challenges of tomorrow—a 9-mile hike that would test our willpower.

Day 2: The group arose at 8 AM amidst a palpable tension. A few of us, myself included, had never hiked more than 4-5 miles at a time. But you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way we tackled the trail; we were trailblazers, no doubt. Spirits were as high as could be, with shared stories and laughter accompanying our exercise on the path. We even did a bit of scrambling on the hike, a term for bouldering, something well out of my comfort zone. But each one of us made it through with minimal scrapes and bruises—something we say builds character around here. After the hike, we returned to our campsite in the Superstition Mountains. Following some well-deserved rest, our trip-leads conducted an AA meeting, a great opportunity for us to get to know one another better. After another successful meeting, we all turned in for some shut-eye.

Day 3: We woke up at 7:30 AM with fire in our eyes and a desire to finish our hiking adventure on the right foot. We tackled a 1.5-mile hike at an elevation of 869 feet, finding it more challenging than the previous day’s. This hike was tough, but some of us, hungry to finish, ran up the trail. It’s moments like these where I find myself proud to be at B2B. Once we reached our final destination, the “Wave Cave,” we stopped to admire the views. Cacti filled the valley like stars in a full night sky. This was undoubtedly the peak of my weekend. After a quick round of pictures for our Tinder profiles, we headed back down the withered path towards the van. Then, we returned to the campsite for a brief intermission before heading to Lake Saguaro. Upon arrival, the group dove into the water like kids on the first day of summer—a scene right out of a movie. After cooling off, a group gathered for a few matches of Spikeball, a delightful friendly competition. About an hour later, Cade led a group for a scramble up the face of a mountain, a safe yet adrenaline-filled adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and can safely say the memory won’t be taken for granted.


The B2B Boys