Dear B2B Families,

Our trip for the first weekend of August was a backpacking trek to Indian Maiden Falls. Given that we would be hiking with all our necessities on our back, the packing needed to be much more strategic than usual. The goal was to pack as light as possible while still having everything we needed to survive and have fun. We started preparation Friday morning around 9:00 A.M and left for the trail head at noon. After an hour and forty-five minute drive southeast of Flagstaff we arrived at our destination. The trailhead was a desert like environment perched on top of a plateau with great views in every direction.

From there we began a  two and a half mile hike into a deep canyon with an elevation drop of about 2,000 feet. Two hours later we arrived at the location of our campsite for the first night. The campsite was on a sandy beach next to the creek surrounded by the beautiful red rock that lined the canyon. That night we spent our time talking amongst the group, swimming, fishing, and fueling up on food and water.

After a good nights rest we woke up and began Saturday morning with another hike to our final destination, Indian Maiden Falls on West Clear Creek, where we would camp for the night. The hike, although only one mile, took well over an hour due to the tricky nature of having to navigate upstream through the rocky river. 

We finally arrived at the gorgeous waterfall that dropped straight into a deep swimming hole that was ideal for cliff jumping. Everyone at some point in the day had the courage to jump off of the 20 foot sandstone cliff that dropped straight into the refreshing river.

Sunday was the the most physically demanding part of the trip. The plan was to hike back down the river to where we camped the first night. Once there, we would break and hydrate for a few hours, till we were ready to take to make the steep hike back up to the van. Five hours, three and a half miles, and 2,000 feet in elevation gain later, we finally completed the grueling trek we set out to accomplish. The weekend was a success and everyone involved is already looking forward to the next excursion.

The B2B Boys