Dear B2B Families,

This week the boys stayed in beautiful Flagstaff and explored some of what Northern Arizona has to offer. We started the week with a therapeutic group going over our week and talking about our intentions for the weekend. We then learned the plan for the weekend and prepared for a big hike in the morning.
We woke up early on Saturday morning and prepared to hike the tallest peak in Arizona, Humphreys. We all filled our water bladders, packed lunches and dressed for the perfect July temps. We arrived at the trail head around 9:30a and started hiking. We held a steady pace with a few breaks and we made the summit around 12:15pm. We were tired but accomplished when we finished the hike in around 4.5 hours. The peak stands an impressive 12,633ft above sea level and the view from the top is awe inspiring.
On the way home we went to Chipotle and then relaxed for a couple hours before going to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at 7pm. We got in bed early and looked forward to the fun activities planned for the next day.
On Sunday we started out by going East to a fun and popular swimming hole near Winslow Arizona. It was hot and we had a blast swimming and jumping from some cliffs that lined the deep creek. The creek had many safe cliffs to jump from and everyone had a blast. We then went home and had lunch before leaving together to go to the local climbing gym. Once there we learned how to safely climb on a rope and to belay our climbing partner. Several of our group had climbed on ropes before but got a much needed safety and technique refresher.
We went home, cooked steaks on the grill with some veggies and potatoes. The meal was delicious. We went to the Young Peoples meeting at 7pm and a lot of people showed up to participate including some visitors from Tucson and Phoenix. We all agreed that it was one of the best meetings we had been to.
All in all a good weekend and we look forward to the adventures to come.

The B2B Boys