Dear B2B Families,

This weekend was a backpacking trip to one of the nicest places in Arizona, if you haven’t been there, I recommend it. We went to West Clear Creek, which is connected to a waterfall further down. We camped at a few camp sites near the creek, which was refreshing for us. The outdoor trips make this experience in my opinion.

We spent two nights and as many days exploring and enjoying the beautiful creek. We did some fishing and a lot of swimming. We also tried our luck catching some craw dads and gathered around the fire at night to talk about recovery. One of our group told his story and impressed us all with his vulnerability.

We ate a stomach full of granola bars and ramen. We made it out of the canyon in record time. Some were faster than others and the hike was a bit strenuous but we made it in one piece. I hope for the best for the group and that moving forward we can do great hikes around the west.

Know that you children are in good hands, and they are doing good in their life and for the lives of the people around them. Bon voyage and we are looking forward to more adventures to come.

The B2B Boys