Dear Back2Basics Families,

The boys left for another weekend trip on Friday after a fun day at a water park in Phoenix Thursday. The trip started off on a 3 mile hike into The Crack, in Sedona  The Crack had lots of cliff jumping.

Saturday we set out for a 2 mile trek up the creek which consisted of rock hopping and pack swims, including a spot requiring us to jump into the water while wearing our backpacks. This has been the most difficult day of backpacking in the last few months. Once at our camp site we set up for the night, played card games and held an AA meeting.  There were lots of reflections of the past week in our evening meeting

Sunday morning we started our journey back to The Crack for more cliff jumping and relaxing. Some tried flips for the first time!  After a couple of hours of fun we set off for the 3 mile hike back to the van.

Sunday ended with dinner at Filiberto’s before sleeping under the stars. The next morning the guys packed up and headed back to Flagstaff completing another adventurous weekend. 

With Love,
B2B Boys