Dear Back2Basics Families,

This weekend was one of the group’s favorite trips yet. On Friday we packed our gear, hopped in the van and headed out to Blue Ridge Reservoir after picking up inflatable paddle boards and two canoes, also inflatable. When we arrived at Blue Ridge, we pumped up our boats and boards, water sealed and strapped our gear onto our rides, and started paddling the three miles out to our camp spot. On arrival, we unloaded the gear, set up our spots, ate a little something, and then went to check out the various cliff jumps that surrounded us. Some of the boys did the highest jump, a fifty-foot drop into the water, while others hit the smaller, not so terrifying jumps. After getting our fill of jumps for the day, we ate dinner and then retired to our sleeping spots. 

Saturday morning the boys ate breakfast and played some cards before going to hit the jumps again. This was the best day by far over the entire trip. The weather was perfect and the group vibes were up. Backflips became a new thing for one of the boys, while flips from higher and higher up became common for others. We went from jumping, to tanning, to eating, to playing cards, this was the routine for the entire day. A very pleasant and chill day. 

Sunday’s weather was less than ideal with the clouds covering the sun and it being just gloomy in general. But despite the weather, we couldn’t resist hitting a few more jumps before heading back to the van. We ended up paddling back faster than when we came in on Friday, even though we had to navigate through some driftwood blockings that were not there on our way in. When we got back to the van it was just a little past eleven-am, so we took our time loading everything back into the van. We had to return the rentals early M

Monday so staff decided it would be best to just head back to the house. Getting back to the house earlier than normal because of the bad weather we ate lunch, hit the gym, and then returned for some TV time, which included watching Batman, and then Star Wars before we all headed to bed. This trip overall, like I said before, was very fun and relaxing. The boys can’t wait for what is in store next weekend. 

With Love,
B2B Boys