Dear B2B Families,

This weekend was one for the books. The boys embarked on a great voyage to the famous Flagstaff Roundup at Ft. Tuthill. While basking in the presence of God being spread through the voices of Alcoholics from generations unknown to us young aspiring success stories. We got to listen to the tales of sobriety filling the hearts and minds of the adventurers themselves. In other words, the Flagstaff Roundup was a success. For all of you who are not aware of what the flagstaff round up really is, we, as a group, go to AA meetings every night and once a year all the bright men and women that put together flagstaff AA put on the flagstaff round up, which is one humongous AA campout that people look forward to each year.

The event takes 3 days and its a big party (without alcohol) and all the guys enjoyed it. It was a really good time.

Normally there’s a lot of stories to be told about the adventures but this weekend we sat around ate good food and fellowshipped with our local community. We also got to help out a bunch of Arizona folk who never come to the meetings and I have no clue if they even wanted to get sober but that’s just the power of AA.

Thank you for your time and love from all the prospering hearts of the families that sent these great boys to B2B. I would recommend coming to visit to see how much fun we are having.

The B2B Boys