Dear Back2Basics Families,

On Friday the boys traveled to Roosevelt lake, right outside of Phoenix for a base camping trip. Upon arriving at the campsite we had to drive through 3 bodys of water before getting to the final destination. The boys unpacked the vans and set up their tents for the remaining two days. While setting up some of the guys saw some of the wildlife that was there, such as Cows and Jack Rabbits. Later on in the evening some guys help prepare ravioli and sausage for dinner. and ended the night with a game of Spades and Cards against Humanity.

The following day we set off to hike the Four Peaks, we started off at about 5000 elevation and ended at around 7000. The first part of the hike was fairly easy with only a slight slope. The second part was definitely more challenging with a scramble to the top of the peak. Everyone did a really good job, with only a few scares of loose rocks falling down. Once everyone made it to the top we had a little break to refuel with sandwiches and snacks to prepare us for the descent. Once everyone made it back down we headed to the lake to cool off. Some of the guys went bridge jumping and some just cooled off in the lake. Later on in the night the guys made ribs to complete the perfect day.

On Sunday the boys set off to the Jug. Everyone hiked 2 miles to reach the natural waterslides, the water was a little chilly but everyone had a great time going down the shoots. and walking through the water to cool off on a hot day. Towards the end of the creek there was one 25 ft jump that everyone did, followed by other cliff jumps that few did. After everyone made it to the end of the creek we set off on the 2 mile hike back to the vans. The guys rehydrated and set off back to Flagstaff to complete another successful trip.

With Love,
B2B Boys