Dear Back2Basics Families,

The group left Flagstaff and drove three hours to the Arizona hot springs bordering Nevada. After the trip, we set out for a three mile hike down into the canyons where the hot springs were located. The group did very well and there were no disturbances during the hike. Everyone was pushing themselves and putting in good effort. The group even had to hike through the hot springs to get to the campsite. The camp was right next to the Colorado River and the location was very beautiful. Once the group set up their tents everyone had dinner. Some of the group went to the hot springs that night and had a great time.

The group woke up and gathered around the campfire for breakfast. Everyone was in a good mood and ready to explore the hot springs. Some of the group set out for a hike that went deeper into the canyons. Those that stayed behind went to the hot springs or soaked in the Colorado River. Some of the group even went cliff jumping along the Colorado River. Once the groups were back from their activities we had dinner. Everyone said they had a great day and were in high spirits.

The group awoke once again and prepared for the hike out of the canyons. Some of the group even woke up early to go to the hot springs one last time. Half of the group decided to take an alternative route to get back to the vans while another half of the group took the original route. It was a very hot day and the terrain was not easy to conquer. Luckily, all the boys were able to complete the hike and arrived back to the vans in good shape. From there, we departed for the three hour trip back home. Along the way the group were treated to lunch at In-Out Burgers which all of them enjoyed. We arrived home and conducted a meeting where one of the group members told their story.

With Love,
B2B Boys