Dear Back2Basics Families,

Another great weekend here in AZ. We departed Flagstaff due south just outside of Sedona (West clear creek). Upon arrival, we hopped out of the vans, filled up our water bottles and began our journey. The first two miles were mostly flat and rocky. Approaching the end of the flat ground we began descending down a zig zagging trail, for about one mile, landing us by this beautiful creek which was our campsite.

Saturday morning, we woke up to a pretty chilly morning, so some of the boys gathered some wood and started a fire. Followed by some instant coffee and breakfast, most boys made oatmeal. Packing up our packs once again we started on our journey to our next site! Some of us put on water shoes and some put on boots. The ones with the boots didn’t get as lucky as the water shoes guys. We had to go through a lot of the creek most of the time. Arriving at our next spot, we were struck in awe of the view of the watering hole which we were camping next to. Setting up camp once again, the boys ate some lunch. This spot seemed to have more signs of wildlife, which was great. Finding a lot of crawfish under rocks in the water, which some of the boys would boil up and eat later. A couple of the boys went scrambling to find a nice cliff jump into water. Back at camp everybody was back together, we made our own personal dinners around the fire with our bunsen burners. Mac and cheese, rice and chicken. Ending the night yet again, with a very nice meeting and fire.

Sunday morning, waking up to the sun was a little more prevalent because we were in a different spot in the canyon. Still making a nice fire, eating breakfast and drinking coffee. We planned to head back out up the canyon a different way and we did. Going up 1200 feet basically straight up, some of us got a few scratches but all in all it wasn’t hard. Got to the top and refueled with a few snacks and went about two miles flat back to the vans. Everybody was exhausted but in a great mood. Drove about one hour back to Hunter House, decompressed and cleaned up ourselves and the house. Ending the day with a couple movies!

With Love,
B2B Boys