Dear Back2Basics Families,

Another action packed trip was had once again.

Friday we woke up and had a nice healthy breakfast, then we loaded up the van and packed our backpacks. Then we drove 3 hours to phoenix where we hiked about a mile into the superstition mountains, on a trail called the weavers needle. We set up camp, ate some food and went to bed ready for the next day to start.

Saturday we woke up and packed all our stuff back up and and hiked around 8 miles to another campground where we set up our tents and rested our legs for a lil bit. We played monopoly and listened to the radio for the rest of time and I found a quarter with my state on it, Wyoming, it felt like god talkin to me, pretty crazy stuff. Eventually after our bath in the cold stream nearby, and the monopoly game was finally over 4 hours later, we ate some food, ran an aa meeting and went to sleep.

Sunday we woke up to another beautiful day and hiked out 3 miles back to the van and on my way down i saw a person wearing a wyoming tshirt and a car parked next to ours with wyoming license plate like i said god man, pretty crazy stuff, we drove the 3 hours back in record time of 2 hours with the help of a little speeding in the van, we got home watched a movie then went to an AA meeting in town. came back and after our long trip went to bed refreshed for the new week to start again.

Monday we woke up feeling right as rain i’d say. We made a nice breakfast, went to the gym and came back and ran our end of trip review group. We rigged the van and cleaned the house. and that folks pretty much sums up this action packed weekend 

With Love,
B2B Boys