Dear Back2Basics Families,

Once again we had another fun filled adventure, this time we went to the Arizona Hot Springs. On the drive out we witnessed traffic backed up for miles consisting of more than one hundred semi-trucks. After an hour or so driving in rainy conditions, the weather cleared up and we were able to start our hike in dry conditions. This was a short and less challenging hike of about 3 miles in and 3 miles. As we started the hike, we had a park ranger inform us we were about to head in the wrong direction – this was much appreciated!

Along the hike we witnessed amazing views of the canyon heading into the hot springs. We completed the hike in about 45 minutes and upon arriving had walked right into the upper hot springs forcing us to change clothes and walk through the warm pools. Once we had made it through we found a more than convenient spot to set up camp for the next few days. About 100 yards from camp was the Colorado River which provided drinking water for the trip as well as some additional views. 

The first evening several of the group went up to the hot springs to relax, while others cooked at camp and relaxed. Overall this first night was enjoyable for everyone! On day two after waking up to some rain showers, the group decided to walk up to the springs and proceeded to enjoy several hours in the area. Shortly after, we made the short walk back to camp for lunch, followed by a small hike for those who wanted to see more of the area around us.

The evening was filled with plenty of interesting conversations, more dinner, as well as a few of the boys getting sick shortly after. Luckily they made quick recoveries for the most part – we all were able to pack up our camp site and make the hike out early Sunday morning. We made it back in time to enjoy watching the Super Bowl and reflect on our trip as a group! All in the group would gladly return to Arizona Hot Springs.

With Love,
B2B Boys