Dear Back2Basics Families,

Another successful weekend backpacking trip completed. On this outing we headed out on Friday afternoon to Cave Creek, a great spot for backpackers of all levels to enjoy. When we arrived at the trailhead, we gathered our gear, and started the three mile trek to our camping spot. The camping spot was amazing, we settled right next to a pool where Cave creek ran into surrounded by various sizes of rocks that we were able to jump off of into the cool water. After hanging out for a bit, we made our dinners that we had packed earlier, and enjoyed them around the fire while, as usual, conversing and sharing stories before we all headed to bed to rest up for the hike the next day. 

Saturday morning we all slept in and one by one gradually gathered around the fire to eat our breakfasts. After breakfast we headed down the river, jumping rock to rock, to get to Skunk Creek Trail. When we hit the trail we started the hike up to the side of a hill, where we went off trail and scrambled up to the top. At the top we enjoyed the views that the Arizona backcountry offered us as well as the few snacks we had brought up. We stayed at the top for a little while before beginning our descent back down to the trail where we made our way back to the camp and the cool water that we once again jumped into. An unfortunate amount of wind caused two tents to go into the water, soaking both food and gear,  but the fire we got going definitely helped with that. We relaxed by the fire, did some journaling, ate our dinners, and enjoyed the radio we had brought out before going to our tents to fall asleep. 

Sunday we all slept in again, enjoyed the morning fire, and ate whatever food we had left. We had a small group to go over our previous journal entries from the night before which the topic was on forgiveness. After having the great group of sharing and giving feedback on the shares, we packed our gear and hiked the three miles back out along the creek to the van and fresh water that awaited. On the way back to the house we all napped before stopping In Camp Verde to get some food from a small Mexican restaurant. We got back to the house, unloaded our gear and that was the end of yet another great weekend at B2B. 

With Love,
B2B Boys