Dear Back2Basics Families,

Friday: We woke up and packed the van for the trip. We went to the gym and then we came back, packed up the rest of our stuff and headed to Phoenix in the Sonoran desert region. We got to our camp, made dinner, ran a meeting and went to bed.

Saturday: we woke up, made breakfast burritos and drove to our hike. The hiking site was closed so we took a leisure walk around the lake nearby and swam for a little bit. The water was chilly but we all survived and enjoyed it .We drove back to camp after that and cooked sum ribs for dinner, it was great we ran a meeting and then went to bed ,but right before we did this car crashed near our camp and we helped them and then finally after the long day went to sleep.

Sunday: we woke up and had sandwiches and then drove to the hiking site the previous day and it was open. We hiked for a long time and at a very steep incline but we survived. After that hike we went back to the lake, cooked burgers there and joked and swam in the lake. We went to bed after running another meeting.

Monday: we woke up early around 6am packed the van reluctantly and quickly we drove three hours back to the Hunter house and cleaned out the van and cleaned ourselves and that pretty much sums up our weekend

With Love,
B2B Boys