Dear Back2Basics Families,

I am happy to report we had another successful trip! This weekend we hiked near Cottonwood, AZ. We went on Parsons trail which is home to scenic views and some cool spots to check out. We swam, explored caves and even did some rock climbing. My favorite part of the trip was getting to run an AA meeting on a mountain. 

Day 1 We arrived at the trail ready to get the party started. We grabbed our backpacks and hit the trail right away. The hike was roughly 4 miles and we marched through the trail efficiently. We stopped at a cave and did some exploring. This cave is actually an archaeological site, how cool is that? There was quite a narrow passage and those of us that are claustrophobic were a bit scared. We made it out alive though! I was thankful for the fresh air and sunlight when I pulled myself out of the cave. We dust ourselves off and get right back on the trail. Arriving at our campsite with enough time to set up our tents before sundown. We got to enjoy our meals and hangout for the rest of the night.

Day 2 We slept in a little bit, cooked some oatmeal and ate some bars then got ready to adventure. We hiked about 2 miles back on the same trail, explored a bit deeper into the cave and did some scrambling. We even climbed up to an old shelter with a man made stone wall in a mountainside cave. We hung out in the dwelling for about 30 minutes and proceeded to hike back to camp. Once we all arrived back at camp safely we enjoyed one another’s company and shared some great laughs. I think that having cards against humanity on hand really helped with the laughter. But all good things came to an end and when the rain came along, it was time for us to get in our tents and call it a night.

Day 3 We got up early and packed our bags swiftly. The boys were eager to make it back to the van, and we rolled through the 4 miles like it was a walk in the park. I think it would be safe to say that all of our hiking is paying off as our group is in great shape. Along the journey we were hopping from rock to rock and making maneuvers over fallen trees. It was lots of fun, I even pretended I was a running back doing drills at one point. Once we got done with the hike we headed home to watch some playoff football. The matchup was a great game between the Chiefs and the Bills. We were lucky enough to get some Little Caesars as well to wrap up the weekend nicely.

Thank you to all of those supporting us! 

With Love,
B2B Boys