I was very excited for this trip yet I was a little nervous. I was anxious because I never had any one-on-one experience with Roy. Aaron and I don’t really know each other that well so it felt as though I would be the outsider. Then I found out Zach was coming and I was even more worried about getting into trouble with Roy there. But all of these anxieties quickly faded within the first couple hours of our trip. I quickly felt comfortable with everyone as we started out our drive with a lot of laughs.

Another thing I was nervous about was the prospect of surfing. I tend to get frustrated with things very easily when I’m not immediately good at them. Everyone had surfing experience except for me, and I knew right off the bat, it could be a problem for me. The first half of our stay in Mexico did prove to be frustrating, then the last 4 days I accepted where I was at and stayed out in the line-up the entire time. I was really working at it.All in all I’d say I got a little better and with a couple more days I would have it down.

Our spanish teacher Juan was a very interesting and chill dude. He taught us all the local lingo. None of his classes were boring and we all got a kick out of the stories of his youth. He showed us all around downtown Zihua, took us to all the hot spots for food and for girls. I don’t think we’ll ever forget (ponte truncha sanca). My favorite part of the trip had to be all the authentic home cooked meals we got to eat. I’ve never ventured out of my comfort zone of Hotel Resort food while on vacation. But, after this experience I want to check out all the real wherever I go. Not just the gringo lifestyle. It’s something me and my mom would both love.

Overall this Mexico trip was a big success. Aside from all the bug bites I had a wonderful time! I’m so grateful I was able to have this experience sober and here at B2B.

Luke, Resident