I am extremely grateful that a program like this exists for I feel I’ve been given the opportunity to live life again. Being the second rehab I’ve been to, I’ve struggled with drug-abuse for over 10 years & I’d never really understood the severity of my drug-addiction until I arrived at Back2Basics. To be physically-dependent on drugs is among the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. At that point in my life I felt desperately miserable & demoralized. I was using to live & living to use. It’s a scary feeling to admit I needed help.

At Back2Basics I found a community that challenged me to grow & ultimately help me better myself. We attend different A.A. & N.A. meetings in Flagstaff daily. Throughout the week we hold group-therapies that allow for communication & emotional growth as well as bonding among the clients. At least once a week every client has individual sessions with therapists who specialize in work with addiction. We go to the gym at least once everyday where clients have the option to lift weights, play sports or hit the sauna, steam-room or jacuzzi. Thursdays are reserved for community activities such as bowling or going to the movies. Every weekend we leave Flagstaff to camp & hike in a different city in the southwest.

I’ve learned a lot about myself & I’ve learned a lot about recovery while being a part of this program. In my opinion it is all the extracurricular & physical activities that made my stay here bearable. I won’t sugarcoat things, recovery is hard work, but it is rewarding. I am eternally grateful to the staff at Back2Basics for having the patience to deal with me & motivating me to grow in my time of need. I’m thankful I allowed myself to be helped. I didn’t understand it then, but I now see that I not only was hurting myself, but I was hurting the people around me whom I love most. I’m happy to have recovered my health. Overall, a decision I don’t regret.


Sun behind Cliff