The process of recovery from addictions takes on many different phases and facets. Most people assume that the process mainly entails ceasing the addictive behavior. This is a large part of the program. However, it is not the program in totality. Case in point, one of the most important components of the process is the development of self-assertion.

What is self-assertion? This would be the process of making clear declarative statements using the word “I”. Such statements are not made out of a sense of ego. Rather, they are made to help keep the person in recovery on the proper path. That path would be the one of sober living.

But, simply being sober is not enough to claim success. Rather, the recovering person will need to take the steps to live a life that is free of the residual demons of addiction. For example, you would not want to suffer from anger issues related to your recovery. If you are then you are not successfully recovering.

It is also helpful when the person in recovery is using self-assertion as a means of dealing with certain problems that might have lead to the addictive behavior. Often, this could be the underlying problems that must be dealt with in order to reverse the prime addictive behavior.

Case in point:

A person might be using due to the presence of an abusive spouse. By making the self-assertion “I will no longer deal with abuse” you can make a definitive step to leave the environment. This can not only help your recovery from addiction. It might also help save your physical well being.

There are other scenarios that can prove to be helpful with statements of self-assertion. They can be employed to leave the presence of a partner that might also be using. Such a person WILL NOT prove helpful to your recovery. Being around users defeats the potential to beat your demons. Hence, you need to get away from such people as soon as possible.

Is it difficult to make statements of self-assertion? Well, making the statements is not difficult at all. The ability to stay on top of the statements and follow through with them will require a bit more effort. The statements are designed as a starting point. They are not intended as a sole solution. Rather, they set the stage for taking the actions needed to improve your ability to reverse the problems you are facing.

Once you have made the self-assertion, you need to take things to the next logical step. This step would, of course, be the process of staying on the path of proper, sober living. Certainly, that would enhance the quality of your life tremendously.