When you are addicted there are many obstacles that can prevent you from getting into recovery and getting sober. For me it was my willingness to see the point in getting sober in the first place. Once I accepted the fact and I was willing I began my journey on the road to recovery with Back2Basics.

From my experience B2B is worth giving a shot because it provides a tight knit environment which is conducive towards sobriety. One of the more important results I have had since being here is the opportunity to experience being extremely uncomfortable both physically and mentally. All while being in a place in which it forces you to deal with these feelings in a constructive way. My favorite aspect of B2B is the outdoor adventure therapy. It gives me a chance to be removed from the everyday stress of living in a very controlled environment while dealing with challenges of strenuous hikes and mental fatigue.

It’s not easy making a decision to get sober and if you’re on the fence, here are two benefits that I can share that you might be able to relate to:

1)   Learning how to socialize and deal with people who you would not otherwise engage with. And,

2)   B2B provides an alternative to common treatment centers when all else fail.

Back2Basics has given me opportunities that no other rehab has. I would like to thank my parents and the support of my prior treatment team.

Client Testimonial