Fear was the main obstacle that kept me from coming to Back2Basics because I was still getting high and not ready for a 6 month commitment. All of that changed once I made the commitment to get sober. B2B is a 6 month program teaching you how to enjoy life and live sober. It is centered on outdoor adventure therapy and several other daily/weekly activities. I love how I am getting stronger going to the gym plus the fun activities that we get to do. The part I like the best is the gym for sure. It heals the mind and body so I think that is vital to my recovery. Plus I like my therapist.

If I could help someone else who is where I was I’d tell them to be willing and honest to yourself that you have a problem that will land you in jail or the grave.

And if I could share with my loved ones I’d tell them, just thank you for not giving up on me and I love them and am grateful. Thank you to my Aunt and Uncle for giving me the chance to come here and for not giving up on me. I am very blessed to have them as my family members.

Client Testimonial