As I look at my life before Back2Basics, I feel a sense of relief that I was able to gain the knowledge to get my life on track. I spent my days before this program in a cycle of a life that was unmanageable. Drugs and alcohol proved to be running my life and I struggled to look at my life honestly. My recent marriage was on the brink of a collapse, I lost my job, I pushed away the majority of the people that cared about me and I was unable to express my emotions that I have always compartmentalized for the majority of my life. I reached the bottom and had no purpose to live.

Since being at B2B I have learned to live life with purpose, meaning, and happiness away from drugs and alcohol. While my journey through sobriety has just begun this program has given me the tools to keep my life fulfilled, goal oriented, and prioritized toward wellness. The individual and group therapy that I received has been life changing. The community support has also provided accountability to tackle sobriety moving forward. 

I now feel that I can live life for others and give more to life rather than always taking from life. I have a new sense of purpose and I have Back2Basics to thank. 


Sun behind Cliff