What To Do If You Don’t Have Health Insurance To Receive Addiction Treatment.

Drug and alcohol addiction treatment helps individuals who struggle with substance abuse. Some of these individuals try to quit the use of drugs and other substances, but they find it difficult to do so. Rehabilitation centers are there to help addicts learn how to live a productive life without depending on drugs. Addiction can take a toll on one’s health as well as their relationship with other people. It destroys families and rids one of happiness because addicts cannot go on with their regular routines without using the drugs. It takes a lot for one to decide they need help. The problem with addiction treatment is that it is costly. If you don’t have the finances to pay for the treatment or get insurance, getting the treatment becomes difficult. Most people in need of addiction treatment are limited by lack of funds. However, this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. If you don’t have finances to afford insurance, you can still get help. There are various resources set aside for addicts who are uninsured or underinsured. Read on to learn how to deal with this situation.

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Scholarships And Grants.

If you want to go to rehab, but you don’t have any insurance, you need to consider other options. To help support uninsured addicts, several grants are given to help facilitate the rehabilitation of these addicts.  These grants are usually non-competitive, and thus it helps to finance the drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Do your research to determine which programs offer the scholarships or grants. Once you identify some of the organizations providing these scholarships to drug addicts, go through their website to check whether or not you qualify. As much as funds are given to individuals who cannot afford to pay for the treatment, you have to meet the set requirements. You could even list down some of the facilities in your area that deal with the treatment you are seeking. They will help you know which organizations to look out for, for the scholarship.

Seek Subsidized Coverage.

If you are uninsured, but you have a low income, there is hope for you. Some insurance firms have a subsidized package for poor individuals. This means that you can still be able to get insurance coverage at a subsidized cost. Most insurance plans have incorporated mental health and substance abuse services in their coverage. You only need to research and know which insurance plan will suit you best. You are advised to choose plans that are reasonably priced to avoid falling behind on your monthly premium payments. There are also state-funded rehabilitation centers which use government funds to help addicts seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Such centers will provide treatment, detox and all the support services to individuals with low income or limited insurance. As you do your research, consider state-funded centers.

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The other available option is the use of loans or savings to facilitate your drug addiction treatment. This works for those individuals who need immediate treatment. This may not be the best option, sometimes you have to consider what is more important between repaying a loan and your well being.  Some residential rehabilitation facilities offer loans or payment plans to individuals in need of treatment. This option allows you to get treatment first and then repay the money later.  You are provided with the full cost of treatment after recovery.  Some plans will even give you a grace period, allowing you to go out of treatment and repay the money months later. You can even get a job and save up after recovery. Once the grace period is over, you can just repay the loan with ease. If you don’t get the loan from the treatment centers, you need to consider asking for help from friends and family. Some of them may be willing to support your recovery and even choose to pay for your treatment. It is worth a shot.

Your health is your most valuable asset. Without good health, nothing else will ever give you the satisfaction you desire. Never let lack of sufficient finances limit you from getting treatment. Use any of the above options to get the funds you need for recovery.

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