A lot of things prevented me from getting sober such as total addiction and unwilling to change. I didn’t want to go through withdrawals until I was forced into a psychiatric ward. Accepting recovery and coming to Back2Basics has helped me to create change. I think it totally changes your mind set to one of a sober addict and I am able to see what I can make with my life and I have learned to love myself. I really enjoy the community aspect of B2B and also the outdoor component because it has introduced me to a new way to enjoy nature. It also gives you a way to love yourself which is priceless and it allows you to open new doors for your life in sobriety.

I would say that B2B has totally changed my life. It has brought me from being homeless and hopeless to somebody with ambitions and goals.I would like to thank my parents because I basically burnt all my bridges with my use. They gave me one last chance to save me life.

Client Testimonial