Dear B2B parents,

This weekend the boys had a four day trip out to Cochise Stronghold in southern Arizona where “Geronimoooooooo!” had his last stand. Friday morning was the usual routine: wake up, breakfast, and go to our end of the week review group where we went around checking in on how our weeks went then gave constructive feedback for new perspectives and growth. After finishing up the group we all ran through as many pounds of thanksgiving leftovers as we possibly could, stuffing ourselves for a nice nap on the long drive ahead. Our staff debriefed us on the trip, informing us that we would be doing a four day base camp trip down south. We got the vans all packed up with the gear and food, then headed out on our 6 hour journey. We finally arrived late Friday evening and set up camp, all heading to bed pretty quickly, although there was a creepy wind chime somewhere in the distance that wouldn’t stop chiming despite there being no wind. Some of the guys went on a walk to find it but it just kept moving further away… creepy.

Saturday morning we all woke up safe and sound luckily nothing crazy happened during the night. We got to making some breakfast, the classic egg and bacon croissant sandwiches as a group favorite. After, all the boys packed up camp and we headed out on a sweet 3 mile hike up this mountain to the exact place in the midst of all the giant rocks where Geronimo was held up for the last time before being arrested. It was a super sweet spot and many of the guys went on a scramble up the huge rocks to reach a high point to look out over the mountains. We headed back down the mountain and went to a new camp spot since we had daylight to find a cooler spot, which was a success. Shortly after getting to camp we got a fire roaring, someecards going and dinner being prepared. We had the famous al pastor tacos being chiefed up, which are always delicious. Everyone gathered around the warm, cozy campfire while we ate, then ran our nightly AA meeting. Following our meeting we hung-out, cut up and joked around for a little while before everyone turned in for the night.

The next morning the group woke up well rested from the rocky hike the day before, ready for an adventure yet to come! Before plans could be decided, however; the boys had to come together to decide the plans for the evening: mining exploring, or historic walk through of the old cowboy mining shanty town TOMBSTONE! The choice, although difficult, was decided rather unanimously to go to town. Tombstone was filled with great historical resources as well as anecdotes into the life of the wild west mining life. Tombstone, known as the town that will not die, was built as a silver mining community. Native Americans were known in the area, as well as cowboys. Tombstone marked historic as rivalry between cowboys and the law resulted in a shootout. present day Tombstone is a quaint touristy spot filled with local products for sale, historical accounts, and theatrical performances, which the boys were more than pleased having attended. All in all the trip went smoothly, towards the end heading back, staff stopped at a pie and restaurant outdoor venue to celebrate one residents birthday, and to have a reflection meeting reviewing the topics of overcoming fears.

Cochise Stronghold01
Cochise Stronghold02