Dear Beloved Families,

On this weekend adventure, we traveled to the edge of the world, located in Flagstaff AZ. This location looked over Sedona AZ. The scenic landscape was absolutely spectacular, something out of a postcard. The boys were all grateful for the spot the outdoor guides picked for us and it couldn’t have been a better spot. We did a solo trip which was a soul searching process that involved an experience of feelings and emotion. Each of us had our own campsite and were given a food bag along with a five-gallon canister of water. It was a very therapeutic experience where we all learned a great amount about ourselves and what the future has to offer if we accept the life of sobriety.

We were at our own campsite completely alone from 1 pm on Saturday to 8 am Monday morning with the exception of two very short checks in’s to make sure everything is going smooth and no one is having a bad experience. Everyone was given work from their therapist and was asked to write a couple of pages on mindfulness and how it relates to us and our recovery. We all really enjoyed the time spent alone and it became a spiritual experience for every single one of us. Our lives have been touched genuinely from this trip and I’m sure we will be able to value this mindfulness experience for the rest of our life.

Till the next time.