On this weekend’s outdoor adventure, the fella’s explored the Sedona area. We set up a basecamp just south of Sedona near Cottonwood, which set us up in a nice central location for activities. Saturday morning, we had a creek day, hiking around Oak Creek north of Sedona. We ended the hike at Grasshopper Point, which is a popular hangout spot, but we lucked out and it wasn’t very crowded. We swam, ate some lunch, and then hiked back up the canyon to the van. That night, we cooked up some burgers and hot dogs, then played a few games of Spikeball. We held our own AA meeting in camp, focusing on reading out of the big book. The following morning, we slept in a bit and made some delicious breakfast sandwiches. We prepped some deli sandwiches for lunch and set off towards “The Crack”, which is a great cliff jumping spot along Wet Beaver Creek. We had to hike in about 4 miles so everyone was in good spirits. Mid hike, we found a nice shaded spot along the creek and did some journaling. Most of the group had never been to “The Crack”, so we were all really excited to explore the area. After a few hours of swimming, jumping, and relaxing, we packed up and hiked the 4 miles back to the van. We stopped at the same creek spot to share our journaling with the group and then drove back to camp.

Back in camp, we cooked up some al pastor tacos, steamed some tamales, and of course, had a great appetizer of chips and mango salsa. Later in the evening, with a gorgeous blood red moon rising, we held a group meditation meeting after a reading from the AA big book. It was a beautiful moment as we all shared our experiences. The following morning, we woke up a bit earlier and cooked another delicious breakfast, and then packed up camp and headed back into Sedona proper. We stopped at one more creek spot, went for a morning dip, and we all jumped from a rope swing. Before driving back to Flagstaff, we held our “Community” meeting at the creek, summing up the weekend.