Dear B2B Parents,

The boys have now successfully experienced another amazing outdoor adventure this weekend!

This weekend we had a 3 day trip so we started off Friday with the “end of the week” review group with Cisco, reviewing our weeks and providing feedback for one another. As always it was very constructive and beneficial for all of us, gaining more insight on ourselves from our peers as well as staff members. Following group, we got all of our gear packed up and loaded into the vans so we could leave as early as possible Saturday morning. Then we all hung out playing some cards and ping pong. That afternoon we went to the NAU recreation fields to play some football, soccer, and volleyball since the weather has been so nice. The staff had a special treat for us in the evening because we were still in town, snow tubing! There is a “snow park” at Fort Tuthill county park just down the road, the park has huge ramps for tubing which was an absolute blast for all the boys.

Saturday morning we woke up and made a group effort to get some breakfast sandwiches cooked, clean up the house and pack the rest of the gear into the vans. We were briefed on our trip shortly after that, the plan was to head down near Sedona to Cottonwood at Parsons Creek Trail for a backpacking trip. We had about an hour and a half drive down to the trailhead. We hiked for about 1.5 miles to a nice swimming hole in the creek with a nice easy cliff jump, where a few of the guys jumped off and swam around in the cool crisp water for a little while. Then we continued onward for another 2.5 miles and made it to our campsite for the weekend. We set up camp, made some food then journaled for our sharing is a caring group. Once we finished journaling up we hung out at our Creekside campsite then ran our AA meeting that night around the campfire. One of the guys shared his story of experience, strength and hope for our meeting which was awesome to hear, allowing us to get to know him that much better. After the meeting we all kicked back around the campfire for a while, chatting and cutting up with lots of laughter and good conversation. After that, we all retired to bed for the night.

Sunday morning the boys woke up a bit chilly and immediately got to building a nice fire. We sat around the campfire for a bit in the morning making coffee and breakfast then started packing up some things for a day hike we were about to go on. We headed out for our day hike going down the canyon for a mile or so, then decided to stop and do the second half of our sharing is a caring group. A few of the guys have the opportunity to share what they wrote in their journals then the group provides feedback to what they wrote. As always the group was very productive then we decided to continue on our hike. We went a little bit further then came to another swimming hole with a short little jump and swam around there for a little while. We continued on a little bit further and a few of the guys scrambled up the mountain to some old Native American cliff dwellings, which were very cool! It is crazy to think how long ago they were built and that people were actually livings in those structures on the side of the canyon walls, gnarly how times have changed! After that, we headed back to camp for the rest of the evening. Everybody made dinner around the campfire, we ran a meeting for that night than joked around for the rest of the night before heading to bed.

Monday morning was an early rise before the sun was even up yet. We got all our gear gathered and turned on our headlamps for the dark hike out. All the boys crushed the hike out in a swift time to make it back to the vans. All in all, it was yet another sick trip with lots of good vibes, good conversations, and lots of solid sober fun!

The B2B Boys