This weekend the boys had a great time hanging out and experiencing awesome sober activities. It was a blast and quite relaxing as well. We stayed in town since two of our guys were having their family weekend. Which we all hope both of those went very well and were very supportive/proud of our boys for pushing themselves to grow tremendously. Friday morning we had our end of week check-in the group to see how everybody felt they were doing with their program and where we saw improvements or places we could help each other. After that we hit the gym for a couple of hours, playing wallyball, working out, then finishing up with a nice polar dip in the outdoor pool followed by an immediate contrast dip in the hot tub. To pick you guys up to speed real quick, the boys have started doing “polar dips” – getting in the outdoor pool at the gym, 40-50 degrees, 10 minutes, submerged up to the neck, controlled breathing, endless benefits for the mind and body, basically an ice bath and “contrast dips” – immediately running to the hot-tub in the locker room to warm up. Yes, it is completely safe and healthy; if you keep it at just 10 minutes it boosts serotonin and dopamine, helps with inflammation,  soreness, achy muscles, helps the central nervous system, trains the vagus nerves, helps to aid stress responses.  After the gym, we went straight to the movies to watch Informer, rated 9 out of 10 from the B2B rotten tomatoes reviews. For dinner, we had a cookout with the guys in the transition house, steak, and potatoes which were absolutely delicious. We ran an AA meditation meeting following dinner then hung out and watched movies for the rest of the night at the house.

Saturday morning we woke up and whipped up some bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwiches. We tidied up the house real quick then headed to Flagstaff Extreme Adventure ropes course. It took us about 2 hours to complete making our way through countless different obstacles 30-50 feet up in the trees, it was a great experience. We got back to the house, made some lunch, and kicked back for a little bit after that. Then it was back to the gym for another wallyball, workout, a polar dip, and a contrast dip session for the boys. Once finished up at the gym, we headed back to the house, cooked some fire al pastor tacos, ran another AA meeting, winded down with a movie, hot cocoa, and a fire.

Sunday morning we woke up to snow beginning to fall. After whipping up some breakfast, we went off on our first snow hike of the season out on Bismark Lake trail over by Snowbowl. It was awesome, especially for the boys who came to B2B from the less snowy southern areas. We had our staff member’s 6-month-old pup with us which made the hike all the better, plus we got to be a part of his first snow experience. We completed the hike then it was back to the house for lunch, relaxation, and yet another fire. We also ran our sharing is caring meeting and AA meeting. That afternoon it was back to the gym for the boys, I’m sure you already know the routine by this point in the letter. The one difference with this trip to the gym was the crazy snowfall going on during the polar dip which made it all the more satisfying. There was lots of exercise and many activities taking place this weekend. We left the gym and had the rest of the night to cook dinner and kick back to relax.

Monday morning was an early rise to get breakfast made, shovel the driveway, and clean up the house to be ready for the beginning of the week. We ran our community meeting, reviewing how the weekend went for everyone, and then had a quick hour session at the gym for a morning pump. All in all, another successful weekend that I’m sure everyone would agree was a blast. Lots of fun and most importantly, recovery.

B2B Boys