Dear Parents,

This weekend we went to beautiful Escalante, Utah. Friday we got briefed by the staff and everyone got their things together. We drove five hours, stopping for burgers at Big Al’s on the way. We set up camp during a sprinkling of rain Friday night and cowboy camped (this means no tents) under the stars. Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to trek across the valley and down the gorgeous white cliffs.

After some exploring around we found the trail and headed down 1000 ft over loose rock and steep descents into the river. We hiked through the crystal clear river between walls of sandstone until we found an outcropping of rock that was carved by water perfect for all of the guys to sleep under and protect us from the elements for the night. After setting up camp for the night we continued exploring up the river. We found a nice spot on the bank to spread out and journal on a topic that the trip leaders provided. After hanging around for a while, we headed back to our cozy home in the Tempurpedic sand for the night and each made our dinner. After dinner, we held an AA meeting and hung out and strengthened our camaraderie for a while before bed. Sunday morning we did some more exploring and did a meditation in a pool in the river.

After returning to camp, we made our lunch and packed up to start the journey out back up the 1000 ft canyon side. We got to the top finally and made it to the vans. We headed out and ran into a rainstorm on our way back home. We ate again before stopping for the night at Lake Powell where we set up camp on the beach and had a night swim before running another meeting and going to bed. Monday morning we all woke up early to enjoy the beautiful sunrise over Lake Powell. We took a nice dip in the water and ran our community. After that, we packed up our bags, loaded up the vans, and headed back to wonderful Flagstaff.

Young Men Below Cliff
Young Men Walking in River By Cliff
Young Men Wading Up River
Young Men Walking Across Cliff