Dear B2B families,

This weekend the boys went on a fun adventure to the Arizona hot springs located on the border of Nevada and Arizona. Before leaving on the trip, Mike and Mike revealed it was going to be a backpacking trip and that we needed to pack our big packs and get food bags ready before we leave. On Saturday, we left Hunter’s house to get started on our adventure towards Nevada. The first destination we arrived at was the Hoover Dam which is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River. We checked out the dam from above looking over the bridge then drove below to get a closer view. The boys were very amazed & inspired by the structure and the effect it has on flood control and water regulation. After inspecting the Dam, we went on to the next part of our adventure which was hiking into the canyon en route to the hot springs. After a four-mile hike, we finally arrived at the hot springs and the boys were electrified. Before jumping into the springs we set up camp on the beach next to the Colorado river and ran an A. A meeting.

After that, the boys rushed to take a delightful and relaxing dip where some of us closed our eyes and meditated. It is a very popular spot so there were many groups camping near us and the springs. After the dip, we played some spades then decided it was time to get cozy and go to sleep. on Sunday after a nice sleep, we decided to start the beautiful day with a “polar dip” in the Colorado River then rush directly to the hot springs which altogether we call a “contrast dip” Once we were nice and relaxed we moved on to journaling about what success looks like to us for our sharing is caring topic and moved on today hiking and exploring near the hot springs. Once we finished our day hikes the boys shared on the topic of success and gave each other positive constructive feedback to think on. Before we could go for another relaxing dip in the hot springs, one of the boys shared their life story for our A.A meeting where the boys got very vulnerable and there was much love shown. We finished off our night with an amazing last dip in the hot springs and really cherished the moments together and were all very grateful. Knowing we had to wake up early, we got back from the springs and went straight to bed. Monday morning we hiked out of the canyon at 6 am and killed another four-mile hike. We ran a community group where we talked about our weekend, held each other accountable, and affirmed our peers. We got to eat popeyes after that and the boys were very grateful. Once we ate, we went home to de-rig the vans and take showers. The boys had a great weekend and appreciated every second we were out there.

Happy Thanksgiving

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