To the parents of the wonderful men of B2B:

Happy Monday! This weekend we had numerous experiences which helped us in our individual and spiritual growth. The boys worked alongside the US Forest Service and together we helped improve the Coconino Forest in Flagstaff, Arizona. On Saturday, we hiked into Sandy’s canyon (unfortunately not the Sandy from Grease). In the canyon we explored caves and then climbed to the top of one of the canyon sides. At the top we had a fantastic view of the surrounding forest. That night we ran an AA meeting and cooked tacos for dinner. They were delicious!

Sunday, we cooked a breakfast of bacon and eggs and had orange juice and coffee for drinks. After breakfast, we met up with a member of the forest service and drove to another campground. Here we helped tear down an old fence post that marked the entrance to a trail head near Lower Lake Mary. After tearing down the decrepit fence, we built a new colonial style fence with fresh water treated logs and clean spikes. The fence turned out sturdy and resolute. Once we had completed this fence, the boys went a few miles down the road to a wired fence that had been cut and damaged by trespassing fishermen. We helped naturalize an illegally used road putting huge boulders and logs across it. This helps prevent people from driving along a “closed” road. Then we repaired downed sections of the barbed wire fence, laid new wire and tightened it. Safety was always a first priority! We wore hardhats, protective gloves and plastic eyewear. Communication and teamwork made this project smooth and successful.

A few of the boys meditated by the water and took in the cool breeze and warm sun. We returned to our campsite afterward and grabbed water and snacks so we could hike down to Lake Mary. At the lakefront, we journaled for 25 minutes on topics focusing on our recovery and long-term sobriety. Next, we ran a meditation meeting taking in the nature around us and using our senses to appreciate and be mindful of the beauty. When we walked back to camp, we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers around the campfire, then we shared on what we had each journaled about a few hours prior. There was really strong and insightful discussion that followed each share.

On Monday, we worked on various campsites, laying down fresh gravel and leveling out the picnic tables, fire pits and surrounding areas. This is essential because the ground shifts due to weather and erosion. We completed this task and then hiked to “The Pit,” a popular climbing spot in Coconino National Forest! We climbed to the top of the pit and ran a silent meditation. The view was breathtaking! As we were sitting on top of the Pit, we were lucky enough to watch a tree naturally fall. The sound was unique and the experience was one of a kind! We then hiked down to the recently fallen tree to check it out. It was amazing to see all the uprooted wooden tentacles from the base of the tree and the gigantic hole of dirt that was left behind. This weekend was a wonderful experience where we got to give back to our community in a way that will last for years. We went outside of ourselves and worked together as a cohesive and constructive unit. We will surely not forget this trip, nor the memories made!

Warm thoughts and positive vibes,
The Men of B2B