This weekend the boys were briefed after mid-week intentions group Friday morning. We went to Indian Maiden Falls, in Sedona. Everyone went through their stuff and packed what they needed for the 3-day backpacking trip down into the canyon. They made sure they had enough water packed for the hike out, stovetops and pans to cook their food in over the weekend along with making sure they all got their food bags. Before heading out they had to make sure the house was cleaned up, beds made nice and tidy before we left. We got everything packed up and loaded in the vans then headed to our destination. Once at the top of the trail, we unloaded the vans and grabbed our bags and headed down the steep trail all the way to the bottom of the canyon to the water and looked for a spot to set up camp in the nice sand. Later that night we ran an AA meeting with a topic from the BigBook before relaxing and getting comfortable. The next morning we woke up and everyone made their own breakfast and got their day packs ready with lunch for the hike. We headed up alongside the breathtaking river until we came to a spot where we had to blow up a raft for our day packs and swim across. Another mile or so after we got to our beautiful water park for the day, complete with ledges to sun ourselves on, cliff jumps, and a gorgeous waterfall. After frolicking in the waterfall for a couple of hours we ran an AA meeting, gathered our things, and headed back downriver to our weekend home. During our hike back to our camp, we came across a dead rattlesnake so we had to be careful where we stepped because there were snakes in our general area. Once we got back everyone relaxed and made food after a mild kinda hard hike. People conversed and played cards with each other. Sunday we woke up, had a quick breakfast and headed back up to a good swimming hole. We climbed and swam all afternoon before running our sharing is caring meeting.

After a quick dip again we headed to our beach home to cook ourselves dinner and run our community meeting before bedding down for the night. Monday we woke to gentle tunes and prepared for the grueling hike back up the canyon. After one last quick creek dip by some of the boys, we headed on up. With the sun beating down on us we labored up the steep trail to get to the vans. A short bit of dirt roads in the vans and we were on our way back to the hunter house to finish off another fantastic weekend.