On this week’s adventure, we decided to take on a challenging backpacking trip and hike West Fork Trail. The trail has been rated as one of America’s most beautiful. The trailhead started on Woody Mountain Road, only a short drive from Flagstaff, and ended in Oak Creek, near Sedona. As a group we ended up hiking a total of 14 miles, Saturday morning we hiked around 6 miles, Sunday an additional 2 to find a better campsite, and at 6 am on Monday morning, hiked the rest of the way for another 6 miles. The scenery on the trail was stunning, and as a group we all had a really fun time laughing, getting to connect more on a deeper level, and getting to connect more with nature and ourselves.

At first, we were supposed to hike in the canyon halfway and then back the way we came to the vans, but the Elite Outdoor Survivalist Experts (AKA Staff) decided it would be better to hike all the way through. We all were excited to see the rest of the trail because we heard it was one of the most scenic hikes in the country. While hiking the first 6 miles or so there wasn’t really a trail so we had to hike through a lot of water, occasionally the water was up to our shoulders, so we had to take our backpacks off and carry them above our heads through the water. We ended up setting up camp 7 miles in and sitting down to eat, Talk about shame and guilt, and run an AA meeting. This was one of our better topics for Sharing is caring and we all spent a lot of time delving into our personal work. We woke up early so we could make it out and back to our house on time. The last 8 miles were beautiful with red rocks, crystal clear water and so many different plants.

We had a great adventure this weekend, we all had a blast and can’t wait for what next week’s adventure has in store for us.

Young Men Walking Up River
Young Men In Forest
Young Men In Forest by Cliff
Young Men in Forest