On this week’s adventure, the boys stayed in town due to the covid outbreak. While the Covid positive boys stayed down at an isolated house, played board games, and went on a few walks around the neighborhood (with masks on of course), the negative boys had no trouble staying occupied this weekend. We finished up a Harry Potter marathon on Friday. We also went to the NAU’s turf fields and played a “friendly” game of touch football. While we all let our competitive sides drive us during the game, we all had a great time and were exhausted and in good spirits by the end of it. Afterward, we came home and whipped up the classic Friday night special, burgers, and dogs for the boys. We then had an AA meeting and were all exhausted from the long day we had. A night of pecan pie and horror movies awaited us after we cleaned the house and finished up the meeting.

Saturday, we started off the day with some delicious eggs and bacon to fuel ourselves for the long hike we had ahead of us. As we embarked on the journey over a mile high, we were greeted by the friendly face of the guide’s 3-year-old black lab, Tucker! While the journey was almost 5 miles of trail and all uphill, the boys crushed the mountain and got to add another peak to the list. Elden Peak was a difficult hike for most of us, there were no complaints after we got back to the van. We all appreciate the guides pushing us to new heights. 😉 Our new guide and B2B alumni, Oliver, made himself right at home during the meetings giving a bunch of hitter feedback that helped a lot of guys out. When we got back to the house, two of the guys made tacos for dinner. After we were all nice and full we ran another AA meeting and then wrote about our SIC topic of the week. The topic was what were your best and worst relationships and why? Following a long and exhausting day, the boys retired to their beds for a much-needed slumber.

Another day getting woken up by the hyper, fun-loving dog Tucker puts us all in a good mood for the day to come. On Sunday, the breakfast of the day was pancakes and homemade maple syrup courteous of one of the amazing B2B parents. We started the day off at the gym for a nice lift and basketball session. Afterward, we went on a short hike, climbed some rocks, and had some fun trying to walk across a slackline between two trees. After we had our fun and were frustrated by falling off a 2 ft high slackline, we discussed our SIC topic from the day before. We then retired back to the house for some B-Dubs (Buffalo Wild Wings) and Sunday Night Football. After the Chiefs outplayed the Broncos, we had another movie night to cap off the weekend. In the end, we have to thank the staff for getting us out of the house and keeping us from going stir crazy. All in all, another great weekend in the books for the boys at B2B.

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