On the week of the 23rd, we went on our Christmas trip weeklong to Southern Arizona. On the day that we got into Picacho it was already mid day and we did a 4 mile round trip hike up the Picacho trail to the view point at the top of the mountain. The next day we went on a tour in Kartchner Caverns and learned about how water plays a roll in what goes on inside the caves. On Christmas day, we slept in and opened presents around a fire. We then went on a bouldering expedition up a hill in Cochise Stronghold and found a small body of water that many clients decided to plunge into. We then did sharing is caring up on a giant rock before we quickly maneuvered down the rocks again. On Wednesday, it was snowing and we did a short 3 mile hike in Chiricahua National Monument that was interrupted by a giant snowball fight.

Southern Arizona Young Men
Southern Arizona Young Men
Southern Arizona Young Men Grass

We then visited Tombstone, and explored around this historical town and found our way into a reenactment of a gun fight. On Thursday, after a short hike through a nature preserve, we drove to Bisbee and rented old airstreams from the late 40’s and early 50’s and camped in them for the night. We went on a ghost tour that night through the town and saw some spooky paranormal activity. We made dinner in an old diner and went to bed in the airstreams that night. The next day we drove back to Flagstaff after stopping in Benson for an AA meeting and some In-n-Out. Overall it was a very memorable Christmas week!

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