On this weekend’s adventure, we had another in-town trip filled with lots of fun and delicious food. To start off the weekend, we were awoken early Friday morning by the hyper black lab Tuck. (Always a good way to start off the weekend.) We started off the day with our end of the week with the staff. All the boys got some hitter feedback to work on ourselves over the weekend. After that, we had to chill at the house for the rest of the day because of the classic cable guy saying “I’ll be there between 2 and 5 pm.” Naturally, he came around 4:30. After he left and our wifi was in tip-top shape, some of the boys started making dinner. We all decided Ravioli would be a good start to the weekend. After dinner, we ran an AA meeting where we all got into deep conversations about some of our flaws and how we can be better men in the future. We ended the night with an old-time classic movie.

Saturday morning, we were woken up again getting licked to death by Tuck. A few of the boys made some fried eggs and bacon for breakfast. We then drove down to Sedona to hike the Sterling pass. Although it was mostly uphill, we all stayed in good spirits, supporting each other throughout the hike. On the other side of the mountain, we stopped for some SIC journaling time. Our topic of the week was, “Why do you take other people’s inventory.” After a nice 30-minute lunch and journaling break, we started our journey up the backside of the mountain. Rain clouds were looming over us the whole hike but luckily it didn’t start raining until we started driving back to the house. What started out as a hard rain in Sedona turned into a snowy winter wonderland as we made our way back up to Flagstaff. After a long cold day of hiking two of the many chefs, we have in the house-made some homemade chili. Although it was both of their first times making chili, it turned out amazing, quite possibly some of the best chilies ever made! Following dinner, we had another AA meeting. We then watched World War Z, a gruesome movie about zombies.

Sunday morning, the boys awoke to a hefty stack of pancakes and sausage. After all of our stomachs were filled we waited for the roads to thaw out from the snowy night before. We then headed up into the mountains for a fun sledding day. We made it a competition to see who could stand on the sleds the longest going down the hill. After we got our sledding fix in, it was only right that we finished it off with a snowball fight. After that, we went to the gym to pick up heavy things and then put them back down. When we got back to the house that night one of the guys told his story. After that, we all shared how we related to it and how thankful we all are to be in such a good rehab. (Thanks parents!) One of the guys then made his signature maple brown sugar burgers as we watched some Sunday night football. We then watched the new live-action Mulan movie. Although it wasn’t as good as the original, and we were all disappointed the comic-relief dragon, Mushu, wasn’t part of the storyline, we all thought it was a great movie. All in all, another fun weekend in Flagstaff.

Sterling Pass 01
Sterling Pass 02