On Sunday morning, we packed up and made the short drive to Sedona. Once we arrived at our base camp for the next two days, we set up camp and prepared for our day hike to the top of Mount Wilson. Although there were six clients on the trip, half of the group had either serious injuries or were feeling under the weather and were unable to make the treacherous hike. The hike consisted of eight miles, and 1300 feet of elevation up the mountain. Although it was a tough hike, it was well worth it at the top with a beautiful view of Sedona and an overcoming feeling of accomplishment. We had a good amount of time to appreciate the view, as we stopped to journal about what activity brings us the most serenity and how we will use it in our future sobriety. When we got back to base camp, we ate, played some intense cornhole, and had our nightly AA meeting. The second day we were graced with the opportunity to sleep in. We drove to our day hike location and everyone was able to persevere through the relaxing hike around another beautiful Sedona trail despite injuries and sickness. We stopped at another once in a lifetime view, and shared what we had written in our journals. By the time we made it back to the van, we were just able to catch a 5:30 meeting in Sedona. The old timers in the meeting were upbeat with ranging perspectives on sobriety, and everyone was happy to get out of the cold for a brief period. When we got back to camp, we enjoyed sitting around the fire where we stuffed ourselves with burgers and got another good night’s sleep. We woke up the next morning, packed up our gear, and enjoyed the view as we drove away with another solid trip under our belts.

Until next time,
Client C

Young Men at Sedona