Dear Parents,

Last weekend was a blast! We went to the Arizona hot springs by the Colorado river and saw the Liberty Bell Arch. On Saturday we visited the Hoover Dam, which was big and neat, a wonderful architectural accomplishment of our nation. After the visit to the dam, we arrived at the trailhead for the hot springs, white beach, and Liberty Bell Arch. We backpacked through a very scenic slot canyon, down a 3-mile trail to our base camp. Shortly after setting up our camp we ate dinner and ran a 10th step A.A. meeting.  We promptly took a journey over to the natural Arizona hot springs. After our nice soaking, we soon returned to our campsite and had a good night’s rest. Rising early the next morning, our next adventure took us to the Liberty Bell Arch. On this adventure we saw an abandoned mine shaft along with a mine cart on the surface of the desert. While at the Liberty Arch we journaled about our ‘sharing is caring’ topic, which was about what grinded our gears and how we can better react. We then hiked back to our basecamp, where we swam and cliff jumped in the Colorado river. The total mileage on Sunday’s hike was about 7 miles round trip. We followed suit by making dinner and holding an A.A. meeting about spirituality before hitting the hay. We awoke at 4am the following morning and quickly packed up camp. We then hit the trail by 5am in order to make it back to the van before 8am. The route out was through the hot springs.  As we hiked through the dawn, we saw a beautiful sunrise. On our way back home, we stopped in the woods in order to share our feelings, concerns, comments, and acknowledgements. We made it back home after a very fun, successful outdooring. We all rushed to help out cleaning the van and packing away our gear. To summarize, we had an awesome, fun packed weekend over by the Colorado river and got to see very neat landmarks. We can’t wait until next trip!

The Boys

Young Men at Hannah Hot Springs